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African Swine Fever Restriction Zone II Sign – ENG

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Control of the disease is a priority task of the veterinary services of the local health authorities, but every citizen has an important role in prevention by reporting the presence of wild boar carcasses or remains of animal bones to the single regional number 051.6092124.


The Municipalities that fall within the Restriction Zones II have the task of affixing such signage, for preventive and information purposes, upon indication from the Regional Health Service of Emilia-Romagna and the competent local health authorities.


It is important to remember that African swine fever (ASF) is a contagious viral disease that kills pigs and wild boars, it is not transmitted to humans. It can have a devastating effect on pig farms and wild animals.


It is known that the virus is present in the Piacenza area and your help is essential!

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